Rob Wilson
Christopher Leigh Connery

“A remarkably timely book that shakes up the political pessimism and intellectual ennui of the past decade by a powerful articulation of a new field imaginary that is place-based yet transnational, and by trenchant critiques. . . . ‘Worlding’ emerges as a form of politics evoking the world Sixties and a critical method beyond prevailing academic fashions, offering a vision for a future that is divergent from neoliberal globalization.”

Shu-mei Shih, author of The Lure of the Modern:
Writing Modernism in Semicolonial China, 1917–1937

and Visuality and Identity:
Sinophone Articulations Across the Pacific

“Today, more than twenty years after Said’s The World, The Text, and the Critic, what does it mean to practice worldly criticism? In a time of deep political pessimism that has many of us scrambling for the modest sanctuary afforded by academic disciplinary tradition, this collection of essays from Santa Cruz provides a moving reminder of the integrity — and necessity — of Cultural Studies.”

Colleen Lye, author of America’s Asia:
Racial Form and American Literature, 1893–1945

The Worlding Project takes an important step towards bringing Cultural Studies into studies of the Pacific, and the Pacific into Cultural Studies — more of the latter than the former, as the essays constitute something like a Pacific challenge to Cultural Studies. The essays are admirably sensitive to the politics of the Pacific, and the struggles for hegemony over it.”

Arif Dirlik, author of The Postcolonial Aura


Kuan-Hsing Chen
Louis Chude-Sokei
James Clifford
Christopher Leigh Connery
Drayton S. Hamilton
Sharon Kinoshita
Meaghan Morris
Gary Pak
David Palumbo-Liu
Rob Wilson

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