Literary Guillotine, Ink was established in 2001 as a “Hey, we’ll at least break even” alternative to the commercial, homogeneous publications that currently dominate the publishing industry. Literary Guillotine, Ink does not believe that it necessarily serves the public interest to operate a not-for-profit enterprise, but rather that there is both value and viability in publishing small, innovative, educational and culturally significant works that the mainstream may consider small potatoes. Our planned publications will be primarily socio-political, economic, cultural studies; they will be scholarly, personal, poetic, mixed-media presentations that reflect the multiplicity of cultural work being done in the greater Bay Area and throughout the Pacific Rim(s). We aim to prod, irritate, refigure, and critique the American Empire of globalization and the security-state apparatus with a new brand of thinking and writing on the cultural front that will be, like wild poetry coming out of the future, “news that stays news.”


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Forthcoming from
Literary Guillotine, Ink:

Essays on Indigeneity

Authors include
Joanna Barker • John Brown Childs
Guillermo Delgado-P. • Kahente Doxtater (Horn-Miller)
Michelle Erai • Sylvia Escárcega Zamarrón
Dina Fachin • Jack Fong • Manulani Aluli Meyer
Rodolfo L. Meyer • Stefano Varese
Waziyatawin Angela Wilson


Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

Beat Attitudes

On the Roads to Beatitude for Post-Beat Writers, Dharma Bums, and Cultural-Political Activists

“This generous book rededicates the radical beatific republic of the word.”

— Rachel Loden, author of Hotel Imperium
and Dick of the Dead


Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

The Challenge of Islam: The Prophetic Tradition

During the 1980s, Norman O. Brown gave a series of prophetic, inventive and wide-ranging lectures on Islam called The Challenge of Islam: The Prophetic Tradition. The lectures speak to (among other things) Islam’s relation to, and revision of, the Christian tradition, the literary innovation of the Qu’ran, the nature of revolutionary and political Islam, the vision of a world civilization. The reader will find in the lectures an education on the Sunni/Shi‘ite split, as well as a crucial alternative to the divisive “clash of civilizations” view of the relation between Muslims and the West. Brown’s world-historical perspective shows how Islam is part of “our” (the West’s) tradition, how it corresponds to unifying strands of early Judeo-Christian doctrine, how it offers unifying understandings of prophecy in different religious traditions, and how it exemplifies broad themes concerning the place of art and the imagination in human life.

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Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

The Worlding Project: Doing Cultural Studies in the Era of Globalization

The Worlding Project: Doing Cultural Studies
in the Era of Globalization

This book will address globalization and a vision of the globe as not just belonging to any neo-liberal war machine or end-of-history triumphalism. World literature, cultural studies and disciplinary practices are becoming “worlded” into expressions and public impact from disparate critical angles of vision, multiple frameworks, and field practices as yet emerging or unidentified. The transdisciplinary pedagogy and interventions of the various contributors will work together to help envision and shape exactly what such a global/local, transnational, and borderlands project could be and needs to be: as we say, moving beyond the pomo/poco pieties and cant formulations, “doing cultural work in the era of globalization.”



Christopher Leigh Connery

Introduction: Worlded Pedagogy in Santa Cruz

James Clifford

Indigenous Articulations

Meaghan Morris

Learning from Bruce Lee:
Pedagogy and Political Correctness in Martial Arts Cinema

Sharon Kinoshita

Deprovincializing the Middle Ages

Christopher Leigh Connery

The World Sixties

Kuan-Hsing Chen

Taiwan as Club 51: On the Culture of US Imperialism

Louis Chude-Sokei

“But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy”:
Dubbing the Yankee Frontier

Rob Wilson

Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and the Spectacle of Empire: Global/Local Rumblings Inside the Pax Americana

David Palumbo-Liu

Re-territorializing Asia-Pacific:
The Post–September 11 Logic of Hegemony

Rob Wilson

White Surfer Dude

Rob Wilson

Afterword: Worlding as Postcolonial Critical Tactic


Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

Bodies in the Making: Transgressions and Transformations

Bodies in the Making: Transgressions and Transformations,
the second book in the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research’s Feminist Provocations series.
Edited by Nancy N. Chen and Helene Moglen, this book’s essays address the proliferation of transformative practices such as tattooing, piercing, self-cutting, cosmetic and transsexual surgery, scarification, anorexia, body-building, prosthetics, organ transplants and life extension technologies, which speak to a dramatic and widespread change in attitudes towards the relation of the body to the mind as well as to agency and subjectivity.

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Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

Hurricane Katrina: Response and Responsibilities

Hurricane Katrina: Response and Responsibilities.
The book gathers together responses to the hurricane from over thirty contributors, including community activists, sociologists, writers, and musicians. Some have been displaced by the hurricane and write about what they have lost in the flooding of New Orleans. Others write from a distance, seeing patterns in the response to the hurricane that reflect a racially biased culture. Together they offer not only critical assessments of what went wrong, but also hopeful conjecture about possibilities for the future of the Gulf Coast and the United States.

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Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

In Memoriam: Norman O. Brown

In Memoriam: Norman O. Brown. Dedicated to the memory of UCSC Professor Emeritus Norman O. Brown (1913–2002), this book features a previously unpublished autobiographical essay by Brown, along with critical essays by many of his colleagues and friends. Contributors include Stephen R. Brown, Jay Cantor, James Clifford, Christopher Connery, Rebecca Herzig, Nathaniel Mackey, Robert Meister, Helene Moglen, Jerome Neu, Carl Schorske, and Hayden White. Edited by Jerome Neu, the book is now available from Literary Guillotine, Ink.

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Literary Guillotine, Ink
announces the publication of

Shock and Awe: War on Words

the first book in the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research’s Feminist Provocations series. Edited by Bregje van Eekelen, Jennifer González, Bettina Stötzer, and Anna Tsing, the book includes contributions from more than seventy writers, artists, and thinkers.

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Literary Guillotine, Ink, in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research (IAFR) at the University of California Santa Cruz, will publish a series of book/pamphlets coordinated to the annual themes of the Institute. They will be both individual and multi-authored works. See above for the first book in the series.


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