On the Roads to Beatitude
for Post-Beat Writers, Dharma Bums,
and Cultural-Political Activists

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Anne Waldman once urged, in post-Beat terms at Naropa, “Well, it’s beatitude, beatific, being blessed, because you actually get outside your neurotic head and have a kind of epiphany about your own existence in the larger maelstrom.” When young writers, dharma questers, and cultural-political activists hear this, they are likely to say “I want that!” Tracking the multiple sources and enlivening the aftermath of Beat beatitude as a live tradition from Isaiah and Spinoza to Emerson, Maxine Hong Kingston and Dylan, Beat Attitudes provides an archive of quotations, tactics, maxims, visions and practical advice that will help to make the quest for beatitude into an everyday practice; an experiment, a state of happiness/
holiness within reach, if only fitfully, within the Empire we now live in. As Kerouac put it, following the beat Jesus, the meditating Buddha, and many a transcendentalist writer, philosopher, musician and saint on the roads to beatitude: “Wake up!”

With Beat Attitudes Rob Sean Wilson beams into our show of personality and cruelty” to do the impossible: reintroduce tenderness and illumination to this gold-blind world. What he recovers from our back pages is a neglected pleasure-hoard, a storehouse almost forbidden in these wised-up (and chastened) days. This generous book rededicates the radical beatific republic of the word.

—Rachel Loden, author of Hotel Imperium and Dick of the Dead

The Beat Movement has suffered for years from being over-loved and under-theorized. Rob Wilson — academic madman, dharma bum, and cultural activist — treads fearlessly in Beat Attitudes, loving and theorizing. This is a book
of utopian literary criticism. It is a call to action. It is a psychofanatic celebration of beatitude.

—Juliana Spahr, author of
This Connection of Everyone with Lungs,
Fuck You—Aloha—I Love You,

and Everybody’s Autonomy

“The Beatitudes: my national security doctrine.” Doug Zachary said it all on page 116, but we should be reading everything on the Works Cited list herein, until we know in the gut just what that means. Then, it’s time to pass it on, for Christ’s sake!

—Rev. Dr. T. C. Marshall,
post-Beat poet and scholar

This is a beatific sutra, a book of conversion and counter-conversion, by Benjamin turned American, or by Emerson reincarnated as a surf-boy riding the narly waves in California.

—Yunte Huang, author of
Charlie Chan, The Untold Story
of the Honorable Detective
and His Rendezvous with American History
and Cribs

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140 + 6 pages      7" x 4.5"      US $9.95
ISBN: 0-9712546-4-8